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  • ∞ Surgeries
  • ∞ Dermatology
  • ∞ Antenatal care
  • ∞ Health checkups
  • ∞ Diabetes
  • ∞ Blood pressure
  • ∞ Ear surgery
  • ∞ Nose surgery
  • ∞ Throat surgery
  • ∞ Dental therapy
  • ∞ Homoeopathic
  • ∞ Cancer diagnosis
  • ∞ Eye surgery
  • ∞ Vaccinations
  • ∞ Orthopedic treatment
  • ∞ Emergency stitching
about hospital

Kasturba General Hospital is a general hospital located in Vishrantwadi a suburb of the city of Pune. It’s been operational since last 28 years in the service of people of Pune. This hospital has 20 beds with various facilities like XRay machine, full fledged lab, operation theatre, trained surgeons and gynecologists to cater to a variety of patients.

It was started in the year 1981 by late Dr Ravindra Ghatnekar. Its situated in pleasant and appealing surroundings under the cover of trees.

This hospital is presently being run by two doctors, Dr Pallavi Ghatnekar and Dr Leena Bhonde both of whom have passed B.H.M.S. from Pune University .They both have a post graduate diploma in hospital administration from All India institute of Local Self Government- Mumbai. They are well experienced and versed in handling of the hospital in a competent and professional manner.

Both Dr Pallavi and Dr Leena work as medical officers in this hospital.

The Chief Medical Officer of this hospital is Dr Manohar Barve an experienced clinician with over 50years of experience in the field of medicine. He has worked in numerous medical institutions in his long and illustrious medical career. Notably Ruby Hall Clinic among others. He passed his MBBS from Mumbai University. He has been officer in charge of Ruby Hall blood bank.

There are many illustrious consultants attached to the panel of this hospital. They are proven experts in their chosen field of medicine and provide exemplary service to the patients of this hospital.

This hospital is ably administered by Advocate Ashwini Ghatnekar. She has been the administrator since the day the hospital opened its doors to the public. She is a lady with a past record of public service and has been active in various initiatives for the betterment of women. She has worked in family counselling centre for the welfare of battered wives. To improve their lot and to give them alternate source of employment. Help them to train themselves to sell household items like pickles, papads. Get gainful employment to earn money for themselves so that they are independent ladies. She has experience of working in Pune Mahila Mandal.