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Our Doctors
In alphabetical order


Dr Anuradha Gupta: Experience in the art of giving anaesthesia to various patients especially aged people, young children, women during labour, for painless delivery.

Dr Sumant Mhavan: Skilled in the art of anaesthetizing a variety of patients notably those with many complications like diabetes, blood pressure. Proficiency in giving anaesthesia to trauma victims and anaesthesia of prolonged duration.


Dr Rohan Sharma:


Dr Anil Varpe MD: He has experience of over 20years in a variety of cases. He has a prolific practice in the field of gyanaecology and obstetrics. He specializes in doing complicated surgeries like hysterectomy, sling operation of uterus, ovarian cystectomy, repair of rectocele, repair of cystocele.
He has delivered numerous babies in complicated situations like breech, twin pregnancy,by natural process as well as caesarian section.
His recent claim to fame is his famous operation in which he delivered twins. One baby was in the uterus [as a normal pregnancy] and the other baby, was not in the uterus but in the abdominal cavity what is called as abdominal pregnancy in medical terms. Both the babies and the mother are doing well and are fine.


Dr Abhijit Karve MS: A famed surgeon operating with laproscope, specializing in minimally invasive surgery. He is also trained in gastroscopy and colonoscopy and uses this training to enhance his surgical skill with precision.

Dr Swati Shrotri MS: She is excellent with her clinical acumen and a precise surgical hand. She’s quick in completing her surgeries.

Ophthalmic Surgeon

Dr Vivek Kanade: He has been the longest attached consultant of this hospital. He is a true asset here and a cheerful helpful doctor. He’s worked here for more than 25years and conducts regular eye camps for the poor and needy patients.
He was a professor of ophthalmology at Tilak Ayurved college and enjoys teaching.
He has regular OPD at Kasturba General Hospital. He’s here every Thursday between 10am to 12noon.
He has performed numerous surgeries at this hospital notably cataract removal and intra-ocular lens implant. Chalazion removal, stye removal. Correction of minor defects of eye and eyelids.

Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr Mahesh Patil MS: A skilled surgeon with many years of operating experience. He has set a variety of broken bones. He repairs and mends the broken bone in such a way that its hard to make out it was broken earlier. He has over 15years of experience in the field of orthopaedics and is working at Kasturba general hospital for more than 7years.


Dr Rajesh Shrotri: Experienced in the field of urology. He has done surgery of correcting deformity of urogenital tract. Removal of stones of urogenital tract. He is a powerful force in the field of urology.