Hospital Services
  • ∞ Surgeries
  • ∞ Dermatology
  • ∞ Antenatal care
  • ∞ Health checkups
  • ∞ Diabetes
  • ∞ Blood pressure
  • ∞ Ear surgery
  • ∞ Nose surgery
  • ∞ Throat surgery
  • ∞ Dental therapy
  • ∞ Homoeopathic
  • ∞ Cancer diagnosis
  • ∞ Eye surgery
  • ∞ Vaccinations
  • ∞ Orthopedic treatment
  • ∞ Emergency stitching
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Like hernia, hydrocele, removal of unseemly lumps, warts, moles.
Removal of appendix.
Reshaping and contouring of old surgical scars.


Skin brightening,polishing, dermabrasion. Removal of skin tags. Special acne treatment.

Antenatal Care

For pregnant women, routine checkup, antenatal advice. Wherever required taking appropriate measures to prevent loss of baby by putting in stitch to uterus so that pregnancy can proceed to complete 9months.
Normal delivery is conducted at this hospital. Whenever normal delivery is not possible caesarian section is done.

Health Checkups

To prevent diseases like Diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol, arthritis.


Blood Pressure

Dental Therapy

Dental checkup to prevent decay and removal of healthy teeth. Dentures, orthodontic treatment, tooth polishing, extraction of teeth where indicated.

Homoeopathic Treatment

for chronic disorders like recurrent diahorrea, long standing arthritis, backaches, skin aliments.


of fever, cough, cold, seasonal diahorrea, asthmatic attack, etc.

Cancer Diagnosis

Cancer diagnosis and cancer surgery is done here.

Ear, Nose, Throat Surgery

Like removal of bad infected tonsils, repair of damaged ear drum. Nose surgery for recurrent colds, nose shaping and straightening of the nasal bone. Hearing aid appliance where patient has diminished hearing.

Eye Surgery

Cataract removal and intra ocular lens implant, removing of boils, swelling of eyelids. Checking for eye disorders, prescribing spectacles.


for babies, newborn to older children. All vaccines are administered here.

Treatment of Childhood Ailments

Treatment of childhood ailments, fevers coughs colds of children.

Orthopedic Treatment

Setting of fractures, treatment of chronic backache, back surgery. Lumbar traction, short wave diathermy, spinal belt, neck belt.


stitching of wounds sustained due to road accident.